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Appcelerator Titanium SNMP module is now open sourced

We recently open sourced the nf_snmp Titanium module, and have released the code on Github.

Quick example of how to use this

var snmpModule = require("netfunctional.snmp");

var snmp = snmpModule.createSNMPClient({
hostname : hostaddress,
community : "public",
mib : 'system.sysUpTime.0',
time_out : 50000 // 5 seconds

var result = snmp.fetch();

if(result == null) {
return null;
} else {
var temp = result.split(" ");
var tmp2 = '';
for(var i = 3; i < temp.length; i++) { tmp2 += temp[i] + " "; } return _callback(hostaddress, tmp2); }

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Enabling SNMP on VMWare ESX + ESXi

ESX 4.x
VMWare supports SNMP on ESX through the use of the net-snmp agent – see VMWare’s SNMP on 4.x docs for details. An example snmp.conf file:

syscontact [email protected]
syslocation Datacenter, Rack 32, U2
rocommunity public
proxy -v 1 -c public udp: .
proxy -v 2c -c public udp: .

ESXi 4.x

Matthew White has written a quick and to the point article on enabling SNMP on ESXi – you can read it on his blog.

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Enabling SNMP on Cisco Routers

Our SNMP Scan App searches for SNMP enabled devices. This usually finds printers, home routers and other networked devices. By default, however, Cisco IOS devices won’t be found, and can’t be graphed. This is because Cisco IOS disables SNMP by default.

Here’s to safely enable it.

  1. Login to your router, switch or access point.
  2. Enter configuration mode (config term)
  3. Setup an access list on which network you will allow SNMP requests to come from. In our example, we’ll use the network. So we enter
    access-list 30 permit
  4. Enable SNMP – pick your community name. In our example, we’ll use ‘netfunctional’ as the community name.
    snmp-server community netfunctional RO 30

    This lets any device which matches Access List 30 talk to our Cisco device using the SNMP community ‘netfunctional’.

  5. Exit configuration mode – enter
  6. Save the configuration – enter
    write memory

Note that these instructions will likely work for Juniper, Foundry Networks and other devices which use Cisco IOS-like syntax for configuration. For more information, see Cisco’s Cisco IOS Configuration – SNMP Chapter.

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