Wondering what’s on your network? Get SNMP Scan! Locate networked devices like printers, servers, routers, wireless access points on your network.

SNMP Scan looks for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) enabled devices on a network, and reports their details such as interfaces and bandwidth usage. For Apple Airport users it will also report the number of connected wifi devices.

    Basic Use

    • While connected to a network just hit the scan to see what devices are connected
    Advanced Use

    • From the list of devices select one and view a list of interfaces, speeds and current statuses
    • View bandwidth usage graphically on each interface – see what’s going on

    If you select an interface from an Apple Airport you will also see the number of connected users on the bandwidth usage.

If you have Cisco devices which are not showing up, please see our Blog Posting on enabling SNMP on the Cisco IOS devices.