Titanium SNMP Module

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Module

netfunctional.snmp module enables communication with SNMP enabled devices (typically routers, switches and hosts) to gather statistics about traffic, CPU, disk space and other information. This module allows developers to build SNMP enabled applications to poll various devices and collect, store, graph or otherwise display the information visually. You can write network management apps, network scanners, data logging and other SNMP aware applications.

  • Native SNMP Module
  • – While there still isn’t native SNMP support in iOS, there is now in Titanium! Using the net-snmp library, this module is fast and simple to use.

  • Network Management has finally arrived for iOS
  • – Both snmpget and snmpwalk functions are supported, allowing you to fetch CPU, HD and Network usage from any SNMP enabled host.

  • Support for 3rd Party and Custom MIBS
  • – Simply drop your MIB files into either your app’s Resources directory, or the module’s assets directory for instant access to any MIB data you need.

Download this module from the Titanium Marketplace
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