Titanium Map Overlay Module


Map Overlay Module

The netfunctional.mapoverlay module extends the functionality of the Titanium.Map module with the geometric shape, image, and route/line overlay for both iOS and Android. This module no longer functions as of Titanium sdk 3.2.

We do however have modified Ti.map modules which covers functionality previously found in netfunctional.mapoverlay. Download Module Binaries and Example code.

  • Simplified Map Overlay Integration
  • Overlay graphical atmospheric data, custom business region maps, or radio broadcast coverage areas into a slick native iOS map..
  • It’s Native
  • No more web view implementations, you can now have overlays native in your iOS mobile app.
  • Take advantage of map tiling capabilities using .mbtile files
  • Route Rendering Improvements
  • Now uses the iOS mapkit native classes to create routes.
  • Android Mapoverlay Demo app available here.  Last updated Jan 17, 2014
  • License information is available here
  • For additional feature requests or development, please contact sales ([email protected])

iOS Features:  Circles, Images, Polygons, Routes, mbtiles, kml

Android Features:  Polygons, Routes, kml